photoHigh of 82 today. Brrr! It is no longer summertime in Texas. It’s football season, and it ain’t hot. That’s enough of an excuse to think about soup.

Here are some of the best places in Oak Cliff to find a hot bowl to warm you from when the air conditioner kicks on at midday.

Gloria’s — This is a Dallas institution, but there are only two things on the menu that I ever order. One of them is the chicken soup. The large bowl is $12.99. That’s why I order the small bowl, which is plenty, for $6.99. It is full of chicken and veggies, plus rice, and it’s usually seasoned just right. Gloria’s also serves sopa siete mares, which is full of seafood and costs $17.99 for a huge bowl.

La Calle Doce — A cup of sopa de pescado comes with some of the entrees, but I like to order a bowl of the fish soup as an entree. It’s simple, delicious and the best thing on their menu, in my opinion. La Calle also serves Oaxaca-style chicken soup, seafood soup, shrimp soup and tortilla soup.

Nova — This is one of the only places in Oak Cliff to find consistently good pho. Nova’s beef tenderloin pho and pork udon are usually on the menu year-round.

Hattie’s — The tomato bisque soup comes with a wee grilled cheese, a bowl costs $6.25, and it tastes ridiculously good. This is one of the better soup deals in Oak Cliff.

Jonathon’s — They make a batch of soup from scratch every day. Tuesday is chicken noodle, pretty safe. But then on Wednesday, they get crazy with cheese burger french fry soup. Beer cheese on Fridays and chili on Saturdays.