The #oakcliff hashtag on Instagram tells quite a story. There are lots of barbers and tattoo artists who use that hashtag. There are some cute and some disturbing selfies. There literally are gang members who use #oakcliff. And then there are tincs showing off the yarn they just spun from the wool of their backyard sheep, or whatever. OK so that last one is an exaggeration.

But in between those extremes are photos from all kinds of interesting people in our neighborhood. Here we have aggregated the sixteen best #oakcliff photos on Instagram from this past weekend.



@thechrissaphire and rapper Dustin Cavazos at a Halloween Party


@sophiaisweir’s snap of a ground-floor space at the Jefferson Tower


@savoiephotography, aka Michael Savoie of Savoie Gallery, captured this image of Rudy’s.


@porkchopcookie snapped this shot of Spooky Cross racers battling a run up at Rosemont Elementary School


@oespinosa took lots of pictures at the Latin Grammy Street Party on Jefferson.


Here’s another one from @oespinosa.


The Sour Grapes take a lunch break from painting their massive mural on the Jefferson Viaduct, via @joshuawromero


Hitchcock-ian? @joey_the_local’s photo of the birds on Jefferson


A view of the Blues Bandits and BBQ festival at Kidd Springs Park, from @jasroach


Cute shoes for trail running at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, from @heather_dunavin


A cloud pic from @floralcombat


@eighty5s bro pic from a car show


@benlarzi’s notes for the Four Corners Film Race


Halloween decorations near the Bishop Arts District from @arellefelice


Halloween revelers, from @aleks1859