Once this roadwork mess clears up, Sylvan Thirty could open.

Yes, we’ve said it before. Cox Farms Market could open at Sylvan Thirty in November, December, January, February…

But now the thing is pretty much ready to go except for that blasted roadwork on Sylvan Avenue. Earlier this week, the grocery store’s owner, Mark Cox, told us he could open the new store as soon as the northbound lanes of Sylvan were completed.

And then assistant city manager Jill Jordan told us those lanes could be finished as soon as the end of March. Once the lanes are open, it will take about a week to prepare the store, for real, to open.

Your roadwork woes won’t be over by then, though.

That little section of Sylvan Avenue, from Interstate 30 to Fort Worth Avenue, is expected to be completely finished by the end of May at the earliest. The Sylvan Avenue Bridge will open partially April 22 at the earliest, and the whole bridge is expected to open in July.

A fire this past weekend destroyed the adjacent two-story retail building that would’ve housed Sync Yoga and Ten, the ramen shop from chef Teichii Sakurai. The fire, which was probably caused by a welder, didn’t damage any other buildings.


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