This 1925 photo shows the Oak Cliff pump station, which was built in 1913 and predates the Oak Farms dairy.

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League unveils its annual architecture at risk list Monday, June 9. Past president Michael Amonett revealed one building on the list early because it’s part of some big neighborhood news.

The Oak Cliff Pumping Station, built in 1913, stopped bringing water to our neighborhood in 1944. But it has been part of the Oak Farms dairy campus since it opened in 1935.

The owner of Oak Farms, Dean Foods, will close the plant this month, and real estate investment firm Cienda Partners bought the property with eyes on redevelopment.

Says Amonett, on behalf of the league:

We bring this information forward with the hope that Cienda, and their architects at Good, Fulton and Farrell, could make this historic structure a part of their plans.  This discovery offers a creative architect a world of possibilities.  It could provide inspiration for new development, be repurposed for lofts or a public gathering space…the possibilities are exciting and endless.  Good, Fulton and Farrell has demonstrated that they are good at the adaptive reuse of historic properties and compatible new structures.  We ask them and Cienda to rise to the challenge.