The Flooded Parkway cocktail is in development for Sunday’s funeral for the Trinity Tollway.

Dearly be-not-so-loved, we are gathered to celebrate the end of this thing called the Trinity Parkway. A contentious thing, this toll road, which struck fear in the hearts of preservationists and disconcerted taxpayers alike.

Our condolences to those of you who loved the idea of putting a totally unnecessary and outrageously expensive 9-mile tollway right through the heart of our city’s lone natural resource. But the old guy, he is dead.

At least, that’s according to Larry Good of Good Fulton & Farrell, who had supported the plan for 10 years. In an editorial in the Dallas Morning News this past weekend, Good rescinded his support of the parkway and argued against building it.

Over the past decade, Dallas has made progress toward becoming a “culturally rich, diverse, walkable city,” that draws the “creative class” as well as corporations. The Trinity River corridor is part of that, Good says.

“If we begin construction of the tollway, we risk killing the goose that is laying this golden egg,” he writes.

City Council was talking about how to fund the thing as recently as April, and we suspect that many our city leaders will remain in denial about this timely death. But Good’s editorial is close enough to a coroner’s report for us.

And in celebration, Go Oak Cliff is here to hammer the first nail it its coffin, literally.

A New Orleans-style funeral procession for the Trinity Tollway is planned for 5 p.m. Sunday, June 8, at Oddfellows. We hear that former City Council member Angela Hunt and Patrick Kennedy of Walkable DFW will serve as pallbearers.