David Grover of Spinster records

David Grover of Spinster records

Vinyl is the new digital. As sales of digital music continue to plummet, sales of vinyl records keep growing.

“Lazarato,” the new album from Jack White, sold 40,000 copies in its first week, which was the biggest week for vinyl record sales since SoundScan started keeping track in 1991.

And now Oak Cliff is getting in on the trend with a new shop called Spinster. The record store, at 829 W. Davis, is set to open this coming fall.

Spinster will offer new records, plus turntables from Rega, Pro-ject, Thorens and Music Hall. They’ll also offer amplifiers, speakers and turntable repair services.

Owner David Grover lives in Oak Cliff and has 30 years in the music business behind him. He was in the bands Loud Sugar, Drop and the Fizzies, and he spun records as DJ Freakstyles. He also is a writer, producer and club promoter and has worked in the music retail industry.

Grover plans to work with the Kessler Theater to bring in-store performances, and he is working with musician and fashion publicist Caroline Rothwell to bring in music-inspired fashion, including sunglasses and apparel.