Kyle McClelland’s prize-winning mussels. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Chef Kyle McClelland of Driftwood won the mussels competition at Bastille on Bishop Monday. If you didn’t get to try them, it’s not too late. McClelland, who is featured in the July Advocate, says the prize-winning mussels will be on the menu as a special at Driftwood.

This year’s Bastille Day celebration felt especially European, as a downpour just before the event cooled things off. The subsequent drizzle brought out umbrellas and wellies and made for a muddy petanque court but provided a festive atmosphere.

About 2,000 people let their hair get wet at this year’s celebration, brought to us, as always, by Go Oak Cliff. Advocate photo editor Danny Fulgencio brought these photos from the event.