Updates on the 2 new home developments in Oak Cliff

Bishop Heights rendering: Photo provided by PSW Real Estate

Bishop Heights rendering: Photo provided by PSW Real Estate

Developers have broken ground on the new craftsmen-style homes near Kidd Springs Park, at Cedar Hill and Fifth. Based on neighbors’ suggestions, the area has been dubbed Bishop Heights, and it’s one of two Oak Cliff projects from the Austin-based firm, PSW Real Estate, known for building sustainable, new construction within well-established, urban neighborhoods.

Dirt should begin to turn on the other long-awaited PSW project at Mary Cliff and Kings Highway by the end of July, says Adam Stetson, the DFW division president. The city approved the zoning in May 2013 for the 3-acre tract in the Kings Highway Conservation District.

Stetson says it can PSW take a year or longer to begin construction on new homes because of the extensive effort devoted to properly integrating into the surrounding neighborhood. With planned developments in Oak Cliff, White Rock and North Dallas, it can vary quite a bit.

“Every project is different,” Stetson says. “One of the biggest challenges [in Kings Highway] is working around the existing trees, maintaining as many as possible. That takes a little bit more work with the city.”

According to the PSW website, five of the 45 Bishop Heights homes and six of the 31 Kings Highway homes have sold. The homes in both projects range 1,700-2,700 square feet and start in the $300,000s. They also have solar systems, spray-foam installation and other energy-efficient features.

View the floor plans, pricing and more photos for Bishop Heights here and Kings Highway here.

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  2. downtownworker July 22, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    I would love to see them build midcentury ranch homes.

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  4. Laura July 17, 2014 at 11:04 PM

    Would you prefer the ever popular McMansion look like every other generic Texas suburb with no consideration for local style? Have you seen the “Disney” front porches in Winnetka Heights? Once those were new, shiny homes too. (Oh, yeah, that’s a yesterday that never really was…) These homes are an effort to bring the front porch community back.

    And “failed” green tech? If it reduces electricity bills it doesn’t seem like a fail to me. Solar panels are flat and need lots of sun – what’s your aesthetically pleasing solution?

  5. Timothy July 17, 2014 at 8:19 PM

    is exactly what happens when real estate developers decide that they
    are architectural designers. You get Home Depot, cartoon, Disney, The
    Simpsons allusions to a yesterday that never really was. And those
    panels on the roofs, failed attempts to integrate ‘green’ tech into a
    design style in which they are ridiculously out of place. The designers
    are trying to have it every which way and end up just looking stupid.
    Really embarrassing. I’d expected something that at least makes
    aesthetic sense.

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