Photo courtesy of Cynthia Mulcahy

Oak Cliff-based artists Cynthia Mulcahy and Robert Hamilton sowed a little bit of Texas in Rio de Janeiro.

The married couple spend every August below the equator, and this year, they are performing a public art project that involves Texas bluebonnets.

Mulcahy and Hamilton worked with a cultural center in Rio to invite community members to assemble seed packets containing bluebonnets, lupinus texensi, including the blue and “Alamo fire” orange varieties. Once the packets were assembled, they walked around neighborhoods, handing out the packets, “in a simple action, a gift of wildflower seeds on a Friday winter afternoon.” Because it’s wintertime in Brazil, y’all.

Mulcahy has created similar projects in the past, including the “Seventeen Hundred Seeds” sunflower garden on West Davis two years ago.