Photo courtesy of R.A.F.T.

A $3-million grant from the North Texas Council of Governments will connect the Trinity Skyline Trail from Sylvan to the city of Irving.

The 4.7-mile extension will be funded from the nearly $3 million from the council of governments as well as almost $2.8 million from the city of Dallas.

When completed, the skyline trail will reach from the Santa Fe Trestle Trail to Irving’s Campion Trail and is part of the plan to connect Dallas and Fort Worth by 64 miles of trail.

The North Texas Council of Governments also granted $80,000 to a program to create safe bike routes for students at Rosemont Elementary. The city of Dallas will pitch in $20,000 to the program, which will find ways to calm traffic and engineer bike infrastructure in the neighborhood generally bounded by Kessler Parkway, Cedar Hill Avenue, West 12th, and Mary Cliff Road.

Trinity Skyline Trail - Proposed Route