Danny Fulgencio, Photographer

Alfonso Vera worked for the bakery at Neiman Marcus until Frosted Art bought it out. He worked at that bakery for years until he decided to take on baking and cake decorating at home. Business was so good that in 1995, he and his wife, Julia, bought a bakery on West Davis and opened Panadería Vera’s.

OC-Veras-Bakery-0035B_optThey bake and decorate cakes for any occasion, and the most popular cake is vanilla with strawberry filling, says daughter Naomi Vera.

“I think it’s because it has fresh-cut strawberries in the middle with whipped frosting,” she says.

The bakery turns out fresh donuts, churros and pan dulce every day.

Other favorites include ojarascas, Mexican cookies made with lard, sugar and cinnamon.

“Those sell out pretty quickly,” Naomi Vera says.

Vera’s Bakery, 932 W. Davis, 214.943.2167

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Third place: Emporium Pies

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