A new tenant for the old Twelfth Street Minyard

planet fitness

The former Minyard Food Stores grocery on Twelfth at Polk closed years ago before it became El Mariachi supermarket.

That lasted only a year or two before it closed too. Now the 20,000-square-foot space has a new tenant, and its not a grocer.

Planet Fitness is expected to open there Dec. 8. Planet Fitness has more than 800 franchises nationwide and is marketed on the idea that it is not intimidating for casual or occasional gym users.

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  • Thank you for that. I was unaware that it was remodeled in 2011 and frankly, you wouldn’t be able to tell today except for a few things like the freezers in the frozen food aisle.

  • This is the story I was remembering. There was some remodeling at Kroger, but not extensive and no fuel center

    On March 10, no-frills grocer Aldi plans to open a store at 2505 Fort Worth Ave., several blocks west of the future Walmart market.

    • Kroger will remodel its store in the Wynnewood shopping center later this year and add a fuel center there. The company has extended its lease at the site.


  • I don’t think Kroger has any plans for Wynnewood, at least that the’ve made public. The Wynnewood plan that was in the news recently was commissioned by the city with no participation from the owners.

    Definitely want to check out Winco. I’ve heard great things as well.

  • I thought Kroger had plans to redo the Wynnewood store.

    BTW if you haven’t checked out Winco, in the old Wal Mart in D’ville. Take the drive and check it out. I LOVE that store. Better prices than Wal Mart, a wonderful large bulk foods department, a bakery as good or better than Tom Thumb and the nicest employees, and that includes the stockers. They will help you find things, move boxes, even get it for you.

    It is an employee owned store.

  • Would love to see Kroger open a proper Oak Cliff store, but in the meantime I think a full-service gym like Planet Fitness will serve the community well.

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