The Beckley Avenue rooming house where Lee Harvey Oswald slept the night before the JFK assassination is now on the National Register of Historic places.

After the assassination, Oswald took the bus from his job at the Texas School Book Depository back to the house at 1026 N. Beckley. Police searched the house that day, and it is in the Warren Commission Report. The home’s second-generation owner, Patricia Hall, put the house on the market last year for $500,000.

Also new to the register is the Paine house in Irving, where Oswald’s wife, Marina, lived at the time of the assassination. That house is owned by the city of Irving and is a museum.

Other sites connected with the assassination that were already on the register include the Texas Theatre, Dealey Plaza and the book depository. A listing on the register does not allow buildings any protection, but it deems them worthy of preservation and makes them eligible for tax credits.