It’s Christmas Eve, so these wouldn’t arrive in time for the big day, but if you’re looking for a way to spend some Christmas cash, or if you need a make-up gift, here are all the best Oak Cliff-related things available on eBay today.

1. Postcards were big business in the late 1800s and early 1900s, because they were mementos of travel before cameras became commonplace. Here is one of the Houston Street Viaduct from the 1930s, and here is one I’d never seen before from the early 20th Century. This one from 1914 was mailed to Oklahoma.

2. “The Hidden City: Oak Cliff, Texas” is out of print and can be hard to find, but there are two copies on eBay right now. One is $35, and one is $60.

3. This 7-inch by 9-inch photo of damage from the 1933 tornado is pretty cool.

4. Here is an Oak Cliff Texas cigar box for the smoker in your life.

5. Who wouldn’t want these tongs from the Oak Cliff Ice Delivery Co.?

6. Or this Masonic penny from the Oak Cliff chapter?

7. Here is my favorite: a 1950s keepsake glass featuring the Belmont Motor Hotel.