Seven reasons Oak Cliff residents still ‘go across’

Going across in the 1920s
Going across in the 20th Century

Back in the days when Oak Cliff was dry — that is, about 50 years prior to 2010 — everyone knew what “going across” meant. Either you were going across the Trinity River or going across the county line into Grand Prairie to purchase alcohol. The term “going across” could soon be lost, although it shouldn’t. Even though our neighborhood services are growing all the time, there are plenty of things for which Oak Cliff residents still go across. Here are seven.

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1. Liquor. Oak Cliff has been damp with beer and wine for four years now, but we still have to go across to Dallas or Cockrell Hill to get fully wet.

2. Cheese. It’s not like there’s just not any cheese here. Tom Thumb has a refrigerator case of it already sliced. Urban Acres and Bolsa Mercado offer a few nice things, including Dallas Mozzarella Co. But for a good parmigiano-reggiano, you’ll have to go across maybe to Scardello.

3. Ethnic food. Tacos galore. Tex-Mex Mecca. Whatever region of Mexico suits your fancy, we’ve got her. It’s awesome. But aside from Pho 88 and an obscure Thai market practically in Cockrell Hill, pretty much the entire continent of Asia is missing from our food landscape.

4. Target. My personal feeling on this is, What could you possibly need from Target that you can’t find at Family Dollar? Family Dollar has everything. But if you insist, go ahead across to CityPlace, or if you’re really fancy, Cedar Hill.

5. Nightlife. Oak Cliff has live music and dance parties at the Kessler Theater and the Texas Theatre, respectively. But it’s not quite the same scene as Oak Cliff’s own DJ Sober’s Big Bang Thursdays at Beauty Bar or partying with famous DJs and drag queens at the It’ll Do Club. Go across to get really crunk (but don’t drink and drive).

6. Growlers. Bishop Cider Co. offers growler service, but the nearest for beer is across the river at Craft & Growler in Expo Park.

7. Movies. As much as we love seeing first-run, art-house and classic films at the Texas Theatre, sometimes we have to go across to NorthPark or the Magnolia.

What did we forget? Tell us why you go across. Or better yet, tell us why you don’t have to go across any more.

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  • A fabric store, maybe make it one with a quilting dept and a good yarn dept.

    I second the arts and crafts store. What about a bead store? With classes

  • Instead of yet another Starbucks, what about a White Rock Coffee? There is a yogurt berry and donut shop at Illinois and Westmoreland. But it is uninviting and last time I went there all the FroYo was runny. Dog park would be nice.

  • Planet Fitness has Fisher Price weights. And they are very judgemental about being a “no judgement” zone.

    As much as I’d like more selection, I’ve been intimidated going in to commercial gyms like Golds. And Planet Fitness has been pushing some local independent gyms out of OC. So I have mixed feelings about that.

  • LUCK in Trinity Groves fills growlers with any of its 40 local craft beers and is closer than Craft and Growler

  • What’s the name of the obscure Thai market? It’s not Sompho, is it? That place has nothing. We need a Hong Kong market or Tian Tian.

  • Its very hard to find newsweek and time or the new yorker magazine. Every time i go to the grocery store i look for these magazines and can never find them, and i go to almost every grocery store in oak cliff on the regular. I only find a wider selection when i travel out to north dallas, cityplace, or other places with a bigger white population. Ive noticed little things like that. It is very hard to find mags like that in o.c. Black ppl want to read news weeklies too, it least i do…..come on guys

  • Pet store! We have Green Pet in bishop arts, which I love… but a) you can spend $60 just on treats, and b) good luck finding parking if you need to go on saturday afternoon!

  • Yes, we need our own target….oak cliff has many treasures but we are missing a few things. I would like to see a barnes and nobles or a book store with a wider selection of every magazines and new and old books…..even a half price books would suffice

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