$10 million Greiner expansion to double school’s size


Students walk between the main building and 41 portable classrooms at Greiner Middle School on warm spring days or when it’s pouring rain, freezing cold or Texas hot.

That all changes next school year, when a $10-million addition opens. The new wing means all of the students and classrooms will be enclosed in one building, and the school will double in size.

Greiner has about 1,600 students in grades 6-8. If it were a high school, it would be a 4A school. The existing school was built for about 800 students.

greinerThe new two-story wing will add six science labs and 33 classrooms. The school currently has six science labs and 12 science teachers, so the addition means each science teacher will have his or her own lab. The new wing is expected to be ready for move-in by July, which means it is expected to be open on the first day of school in August.

The change also will result in more parking, once the old portables are removed. The school currently has just about enough parking for faculty and staff and maybe a visitor or two. Parents often have to park on the side streets, especially if there’s an event at the school.

Since Greiner abuts two busy streets — Edgefield and 12th — pick-up and drop-off have their dangers. So along with the new building, workers are constructing a long drive along Clarendon, from Brooklyn to 12th, where students can load and unload from cars and buses.

Greiner principal Ray Winkler says having everyone under one roof will make the school more conducive to learning.

“It will meet students’ needs a learners and cater to them as people,” he says.

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  1. Rick Wamre February 16, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    In fairness to Greiner, there are a number of additional reviews on the same page as the URL referenced above where reviewers are singing the school’s praises. We’re not taking sides here, just making sure that a casual reader who doesn’t click on the link knows there are other opinions out there.

  2. KoeniginLuisevonPreussen February 16, 2015 at 2:39 PM

    Hey, here’s an enthusiastic review — the most recent review left for this school on GreatSchools:


    “Please know, if your child is white/caucasion they will be bullied unmercifully at this school. I had to pull my son out after 4 months, because of the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse he was enduring at this school. In all fairness, the principal did warn us that he would probably get bullied. She wasn’t kidding. I just didn’t realize how severe the bullying would be.

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