Lucky Dog Books to close April 1


Bad news: Lucky Dog Books, our neighborhood’s second-hand bookstore, is closing. The owners announced on Facebook early this morning that their landlord will not renew their lease and has found a new tenant.

The store will close April 1.

There is a possibility that the store could relocate to another Oak Cliff space, but only with community support:

…our being able to afford to move may depend in large degree on a couple of things over the coming weeks. First, continued strong sales at the store so that we can be accumulating as much cash as possible to pay for what would have to be paid. And second, whether enough of you are willing to donate some labor for a move in exchange for some “book bucks” so to speak that can be used for stuff in the stores once a move would be completed. This labor would mostly be helping box, move and unbox the stuff on our shelves that we do not sell between now and then.

Lucky Dog Books, which also has locations in Northeast Dallas and Mesquite, opened its Oak Cliff store in May 2012. If you have store credit at the Oak Cliff location, you might want to use it before the store closes, but it also can be used at the other locations.


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  4. John Rose April 9, 2015 at 7:55 AM

    100% correct. A sad day. I am able to help you move. Let us know when!

  5. Are you really annoyed? February 25, 2015 at 1:13 PM

    My understanding is that Lucky Dog is at least 6 months behind on their rent. The space had not been sitting vacant before Lucky Dog, the property owner had actively been using the space as his photography studio. Just because it wasn’t a public use doesn’t mean it was a valid use. This isn’t a case of a landlord choosing not to renew a lease – this is a tenant unable to pay rent and unable to honor the lease they signed, and a property owner having no choice but to find a paying tenant.

  6. annoyed February 25, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    an empty building that the shop owner poured their hard work into, landlords seemingly now push to the side a unique oak cliff neighborhood shop. I never can understand the mentality of landlords, that sit for seemingly years with a empty building (with no rent) needing such work to make it work, then find a willing ‘partner’ in a shop owner to attempt such an endeavor, only to find their landlord is not willing to keep or lower the rents low enough to make it sustainable to the shop owner. They then finally push them to the side, after landlord secures a new tenant at their desire rent. Seems like the empty building that the landlords sat on for such a long time was a much worse scenario than having a good ‘partner’ that breathes new life into the building, albeit at lower rates that the landlord could ‘now’ get for the building. Seems the landlord would be willing to bend the desired rates to keep the partnership going with shop owner, since the shop owner was willing to take on these kind of efforts to make it possible to have a working building. Now the building has life, of course there are more willing tenants readily available, which seemingly weren’t around when the bookshop took on this effort. But that was then, and now the possibility of more money is their main agenda. Seems all too common. I guess it would take the right initial contractual language and terms to prevent this happening too often to the upstart local business entrepreneurs. Good luck, Lucky Dog hope you find the right home. Stay away from busy streets, the big trucks/landlords can run you over without much notice, Davis is getting pretty busy.

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