The Margaret McDermott Bridge, part of the new Interstate 30 being rebuilt as part of the Dallas Horseshoe Project, is beginning to come into the skyline.

Workers started constructing the bridge’s two arches in January, and they are now taking shape.

The $111-million bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava (as was the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge) is on track to be completed in summer 2017. The bridge is being paid for with federal funds ($91 million), regional transportation funds ($11.6 million), private donations ($6.3 millions) and city bond funds for public art ($1.9 million).

The arches will be 1,125 feet long, almost from levee to levee, and they’ll top out at about 286 feet above the roadway. The 15-lane bridge also will have lanes for bicycle and foot traffic, with connections to Riverfront and Beckley.