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ABC Party on West Davis used to create hundreds of cascarones, confetti-filled Easter eggs, each year. That became too much work. So now they order them from a vendor who does the tedious work for them.

But ABC does hire seasonal workers to create specialty cascarones. Some customers don’t want confetti, they want flour inside the hollowed eggs.

photo 2-1“Because it’s a bigger mess,” says ABC co-owner Elvie De La Fuente.

ABC and a few other Oak Cliff retailers will make a big push for Easter, offering cascarones, candy and piñatas out of tents and road-side tables this week.

De La Fuente offers piñatas ordered from Mexico, and the shop also creates custom piñatas from their in-house piñatero, Alex. For the past several years, they have created enormous Easter piñatas for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ grandchildren. This year’s bunny, pictured at left, is near on 6 feet tall, counting the ears. By the way, the shop also once filled an order for a piñata in the likeness of Jones.