Santa wants you to feel good about the Sylvan restriping.

Santa wants you to cheer up about the Sylvan restriping.

Did you wave to Santa Claus on your commute down Sylvan this morning?

The man behind the white beard was Kessler Park resident Michael Dilger. If you know Dilger, then you know the guy is a character.

courtesy of Jon Daniel

courtesy of Jon Daniel

Lately, he’s been involved in some heated debates online regarding the restriping of Sylvan Avenue earlier this week. The city reduced Sylvan from six lanes to four, leaving the right-hand lanes for parking and deliveries. Because most cars travel too fast on Sylvan, and there frequently are accidents, the change was made as a traffic-calming measure. However, some neighbors were upset about the change for fear it would add precious minutes to their commutes.

The Santa stunt was Dilger’s “attempt to cheer up the commuters who are complaining about the recent lane changes,” he says.

Earlier this week, he made a couple of videos during the morning commute showing traffic moving easily toward Interstate 30.

So did you wave to Santa this morning? How is your commute on Sylvan?