The rezoning case that changed rules for building in the Bishop Arts District and surrounding areas, known as the Bishop/Davis PD, went into the books five years ago.

In light of that as well as a massive development planned for the area surrounding Seventh and Zang, neighbors are asking City Council to reopen the Bishop/Davis PD.

From the change.org petition: “In particular the area in and around the Bishop Arts District must be reexamined with regard to building height, maximum lot size and residential proximity slope.”

Here is the request in its entirety:

Current zoning in PD 830 (Bishop Davis PD) allows five-story, 75-foot-tall, block-long multifamily developments in Bishop Arts. We must open up the PD to change the zoning in certain areas.

We recognize the transformative role that the Bishop Arts District has played in the rebirth of Oak Cliff. Current zoning threatens that. We do not oppose development. We reject monolithic, unimaginative, oversized architecture that would replace the very authenticity that is the source of our popularity. We feel this type of development would have a destabilizing negative impact on our area. We welcome development that respects the scale, diversity and character of our neighborhood. What we leave behind for the next generation is important to us. Oak Cliff is our home.