Ron Incerta launched OakFIT, he didn’t exactly realize what he was doing. What began as a pilot fitness program on the Trinity Trail quickly morphed into a multifaceted gym that outgrew a 5,000-square-foot site on West Davis before it had a chance to open.

It didn’t help that the roof caved in during a storm while the newly leased space was under construction. But before the dust could settle, Incerta found a 9,000-square-foot location at 2318 Beatrice, which better suited the burgeoning fitness studio’s needs. He bought the building in July 2014, and after almost nine months of construction, OakFIT celebrated its grand opening in April.

Now, seven trainers offer everything from one-on-one training to group fitness classes. To set himself apart from the “big-box gyms,” Incerta is engaging the Oak Cliff community. He plans to reach out to local schools and create fitness-based after school programs.

“It would give some of the more disadvantaged kids somewhere to go and something productive to do,” Incerta says.

A professional cyclist himself, Incerta also oversees two local bicycling teams: the Dallas Bike Lords and the Bearded Ladies.

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