Urban Acres Farmstead, which opened on Beckley at Greenbriar a year and a half ago, is closing after this weekend.

“During the last 18 months, we’ve seen a lot of folks in the organic sustainability market struggle here in Dallas,” Urban Acres founder Steven Bailey stated in a release. “We were hoping to be one of the few who could weather the storm, but after many hard discussions the wisest thing for us to do is close down our brick and mortar location. We are truly sorry to be closing the doors of the farmstead.”

Urban Acres will continue to offer produce shares from the Beckley location, and Melt Ice Creams will continue its pop-up shop inside the store from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday-Sunday.

Urban Acres started about five years ago as a grass-roots produce-share co-op and later expanded to include a storefront on West Davis and then the “farmstead store” on Beckley, which included honeybees, chickens, rainwater collection and other urban farming modules. The store had a mission to support and shine a light on local, organic farmers.

“Though we are closing down, we’re grateful to know our farmstead has achieved its biggest goal – changing our community through real food,” Bailey stated in the release. “There have been countless meals shared, lives that have become healthier, children who found joy from the animals – we’re grateful to have been a part of it.”