Goliad State Park Mission (photo from Facebook)

Goliad State Park Mission (photo from Facebook)

Spend a day exploring the rich cultural heritage of Goliad, Texas, during a tour sponsored by the Oak Cliff Coalition for the Arts on Saturday, Nov. 7. Attendees will see the birthplace of Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza, a legendary figure in the Battle of Puebla, also known as Cinco de Mayo.

The day kicks off bright and early when guests gather at 6 a.m. at the historic Cedar Crest House, one of the few remaining examples of Victorian-era architecture in Dallas, and a dedicated city landmark. Expect to return home by 11:30 p.m. after a full day of historical immersion.

“We’re excited to take our members to explore the birthplace of Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza,” Sylvana Avila Alonzo, the group’s founder, says in a statement. “It is important that we share the history and culture of one of the most significant generals and battles of the Mexican army that is celebrated in Dallas and the US alike.”

The tour will include a visit to the monument honoring Zaragoza, which was a gift from the Mexican government of the State of Puebla. Ticketholders will travel by passenger bus to the Goliad State Park Mission for a guided tour, visit Presidio La Bahia and hear a presentation by historian Dan Arellano. The day caps off with dinner and local folklore at a Goliad restaurant.

Tickets are $25 for coalition members, $40 for non-members and includes all meals. For tickets or more information, email oakcliffarts@gmail.com or call 214-957-9345.

The tour is presented as a part of the coalition’s Tejano Life & Culture Program, which highlights the history of Spanish, Mexican and indigenous people.