Shumway posted this picture of his home at 725 N. Winnetka to Facebook in January, referring to it at his “heart & soul.”

Where is Ron Shumway?

The former DART bus driver, 57, has been missing since April, according to the Dallas Police Department.

That’s five months prior to Sept. 26, when a home investor discovered a human corpse buried under a concrete slab in the backyard of the Oak Cliff home that Shumway owned until recently.

According to DFW Block Shopper, Shumway sold the house at 725 N. Winnetka June 25, and ownership has changed hands several times since then.

Here is a screenshot from that website:

Screen shot 2015-10-27 at 7.20.49 PM

Shumway graduated from Sunset High School, according to Facebook, where he was very active until his page went silent in April. He previously had been a frequent voice on Oak Cliff Advocate and other neighborhood-centric Facebook pages.

shumwayPolice say Shumway “has not been seen or heard from since April 23,” but the sale of his house apparently closed June 25. The real estate agents involved in the June transaction have not yet responded to voicemail messages. If the sale was a foreclosure, then it’s possible it could’ve closed without Shumway’s signature.

The police ask that “anyone with any information on Shumway or any of his family members” call homicide Det. Montenegro at 214.671.3624.