Small things happen here, too.

Ryan and Stephanie Behring of Oak Cliff found a way to show off our city’s subtle side via their Halloween costume.

They wanted a prop to go with their couple Halloween costume as tourists. Inspired by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “BIG” campaign, they decided to come up with their own version, small.

The Behrings, who live on Tyler Street, both have backgrounds in architecture and design. Stephanie, an architect at Good, Fulton and Farrell,  printed out the letters on drafting paper. Then they traced them onto cardboard and used red solo cups for width, plus painters tape and just the right shade of blue paint.

Tom Battles, who owns a framing shop on the ground floor of the building where they live, took the first photo, on Halloween.

Then they brought the “s,” “m” and “a” to one of their favorite Oak Cliff small businesses, Red Pegasus Games and Comics. Then they headed to a taco joint near the Dallas Zoo, Oak Cliff Mexican Food To-Go.

“It’s a really great neighborhood,” Ryan says of that commercial area. “It’s probably where Bishop Arts was 30 years ago. It’s seen better days, but [the restaurant] has been in the family for 50 years.”

The Behrings would like to see their grassroots “small” movement take off.

“Hopefully we can keep it going and use it as a way to highlight small businesses,” Ryan says.

They’re using #dallassmall on social media, and they’re willing to loan out the letters to anyone who wants to use them.

It only takes one person to make the “I” in “BIG,” Ryan notes.

“With small, it takes two people,” he says. “It’s a community idea.”