The 1909 sales pitches for Kidd Springs Heights

Photo via SMU and Flashback Dallas

Photo via SMU and Flashback Dallas

Paula Bosse at Flashback Dallas uncovered the history of Kidd Springs Heights, a few blocks of about three dozen homes that we now lump in with Kings Highway.

The neighborhood, adjacent to Kidd Springs Park, was annexed to the city of Dallas in 1909, and it was pitched as a cleaner, healthier alternative to city living.

The newest theory of scientists is that one should sleep at least eighty or ninety feet above the level of the city – and thus escape the germs which are particularly active during the hours of darkness. Here then is the place for your home. Here then is the place for investment. Kidd Springs Heights is higher than the top of the court house. Up where the cooling breezes are found on the hottest of hot days; where the air is ozone-laden; where the nights are cool and refreshing and where insomnia soon becomes naught but a dim memory.

Find more of Bosse’s thorough research on the neighborhood at Flashback Dallas.

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  1. Smokey November 21, 2015 at 10:02 AM

    I delivered newspapers in this area, and had an interesting conversation with an old timer back in the 60’s. He told of a leper colony that once stood just northeast of the park. He also told me about an area that black share croppers
    worked adjacent to the the colony. I found out later that a young Oak Cliff T-Bone lived in a sharecroppers shack at that location when he first arrived in Dallas.

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