Bishop Arts District building owners Michael Amonett and Rick Barton commissioned this mural of Batgirl by artist Steve Hunter.

Hunter started the mural, at the rear of the Hunky’s building, earlier this week. The rain slowed progress, but he was back at it today.

Oak Cliff’s own Yvonne Craig portrayed Batgirl on the 1960s TV series “Batman.” Craig died in August.

Here’s what Amonett says about the project:

I wrote Yvonne Craig’s website back in September that I lived behind where she went to high school [Sunset], that Batgirl was my favorite superhero growing up and became even more so when I got older and learned she was actually from Oak Cliff.  I told her my idea to put her on our building and asked who did I need to check with.

Craig’s sister, Meridel, replied that the whole family approved of the idea. “She is missed by many but especially by her family,” she told Amonett.