In the 128-year history of the Dallas Zoo, our neighborhood occasionally has dealt with escaped animals.

Sometimes those animal escapes are tragic, and sometimes they have happy endings. We’re not sure which this is.


via The Dallas Morning News Historical Archives

In January 1958, a capuchin monkey escaped from what was then the Marsalis Park Zoo and hid out around the 100 block of West Jefferson. The monkey was free for at least five days, and it allegedly smashed a peanut machine and “terrorized” patrons in the restroom of a Beckley Avenue cafe.

If something like this happened now, it would make news around the world. TMZ would be tracking this monkey’s every move. Your social media feed would be choked with escaped monkey updates and top-10 lists of things you didn’t know about the escaped monkey. As it was in the 1950s, however, this one newspaper story recounts the monkey’s escape, but we couldn’t find any follow-up on whatever happened to the poor little guy.