read to me

Alma Valdez with her son, Pedro, and newborn daughter, Mia. Photo courtesy of Parkland Hospital

All babies born at Parkland Hospital will be given their first book thanks to a partnership with the Dallas Public Library and the Friends of the Dallas Public Library.

Children’s book author Trish Holland of Stevens Park spearheaded the effort to get a free book into the hands of every new mother at Parkland in an effort to instill in them the importance of reading to their children and to make them aware of the services of public libraries.

The book, “Read to Me,” was written by Judi Moreillon, an associate professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University. It’s in English and Spanish or English and Vietnamese.

More than 10,000 babies are born at Parkland every year, many to low-income families. Children from low-income families are less likely to be prepared for kindergarten.

“We hope to change that in Dallas through this program,” says Dallas Public Libraries director Jo Guidice.