Anyway, go Golden Bears!

Dallas Independent School District President Eric Cowan of Oak Cliff, who isn’t running for reelection, went off the agenda at Thursday’s school board meeting to address the poor condition of South Oak Cliff High School. Students walked out of classes last month in protest of the building, which has been under renovation for at least a year. Since then, the school’s supporters have attended DISD board meetings, asking why SOC isn’t getting a new building. They pointed out that Rosemont Elementary School, where Cowan’s child is a student, is in fine shape, but that building is being replaced. Cowan Thursday night said the board should consider replacing the school, and even suggested paying for it with a bond election.

If you think the Dallas housing market seems inflated, you are probably right. Professor Ken Johnson of Florida Atlantic University took a look at the North Texas housing market and predicted that the current pace of the market is not sustainable. The real estate market here has hit an all-time high in prices, but they are likely to fall, Johnson says.

A “prankster” threw a landscaping rock through the window of a South Winnetka home recently and then shot off a fire extinguisher through the broken window.

The interior of the Texas Theatre at some point was covered in stucco, but Flashback Dallas found these photos of the interior from 1932 showing its original Venice-inspired design.