margaret mcdermott bridge

Dallas City Council members heard the next new plan, this time as recommendations from a ‘citizens oversight committee,’ for the Trinity toll road this morning.

Former City Councilwoman Angela Hunt was a member of that oversight committee, and she declined to sign off on the committee’s recommendations, instead penning a dissent with state Rep. Raphael Anchia, who represents Oak Cliff.

We’ll have more on that later today. In the meantime, read Hunt’s column in the Lakewood Advocate. She says City Council doesn’t know what to do about the road, and at every turn, plans for Trinity River amenities have gone wrong.

Not only do we not need a road in the Trinity River corridor, she says, we also don’t need to improve the park. It’s a great amenity the way it is.

We must come to terms with the fact that the parkland lying in our Trinity River Floodway will never be a manicured, Versailles-like garden, a bustling river-walk or a thrilling amusement park. Our Trinity Park doesn’t need to be. It shouldn’t be. I suspect the City of Dallas continuously seeks new plans for the Trinity Park because it just can’t wrap its head around the fact that our park is just fine the way it is: a vast swath of green space in the heart of our city, home to myriad wildlife, a beautiful respite from the bustle of urban living …

Find Hunt’s full column here.