Happy Memorial Day. It’s the holiday to remember those who’ve lost their lives in the armed services. And it also signifies the start of summer.

In regard to the latter, we offer this romantic old snapshot of a bathing beauty at Lake Cliff Park, where there was an enormous pool with a sandy beach until the “new” pool at Kidd Springs Park opened in 1958.

Oak Cliff native Jimmy Dunham found this snap in a book of photos that belonged to his mother. His mother couldn’t remember who the woman is, but Dunham was taken with her enough that he posted the pic to the “Oak Cliff Boomers” group on Facebook back in July 2014.

Most members guessed it was taken at Lake Cliff Park, but no one knew who the mystery woman was. That is, until this past April, when Sally Stredwick identified her, posting the following:

It’s Lake Cliff, and that is Charlene York. She graduated with me and your Aunt Martha from Adamson in 1954. Martha probably took the picture. Last I heard Charlene was living in East Texas. She has the prettiest ice blue eyes I ever saw. Too bad they are covered with the sun glasses.

Mystery solved, but we’d love for Ms. York to see this post, too. By the way, the June Advocate is all about the history and future of neighborhood pools, including Kidd Springs Park, Lake Cliff Park, Martin Weiss Park and more. Look for it being delivered this weekend.