christopher colbert

A new mugshot from Dallas County, above, shows that Colbert’s neck was tattooed before he was arrested in Los Angeles. 

The man accused of strangling an Oak Cliff man to death, burying him in concrete and stealing his house has returned to Dallas County.

Christopher Brian Colbert, 43, was arrested in Los Angeles in March and charged with several counts of real estate fraud related to the mysterious case of Oak Cliff resident Ron Shumway, 56.

Colbert lived with Shumway at 725 N. Winnetka. Colbert is accused of strangling Shumway to death, binding his hands and feet with neckties and pouring concrete over his corpse in the backyard of the house, which Shumway owned.

Colbert then posed as Shumway to sell the dead man’s house for about $110,000. He then stole the money from Shumway’s bank account.

A home investor discovered Shumway’s corpse, encased in concrete, in September 2015. In October, police issued a missing person bulletin for Shumway, and the Oak Cliff Advocate was first to make the connection between the mysterious corpse, the missing man and the sale of the house after the date police said he’d last been seen.

Colbert apparently used Shumway’s Facebook account to make it look like the man had moved to Austin for a “dream man.”

After his arrest on real estate fraud charges, Colbert admitted to Dallas Police Department homicide detectives that he’d killed Shumway, according to a probable cause affidavit released in March.

He is now in the Dallas County jail charged with murder and could receive a life sentence if convicted.