photo by Danny Fulgencio

When mega corporation Exxon Mobil Corp. says “stop,” smart people comply.

That’s what happened to Red Pegasus Games and Comics recently. The tiny comic-book shop in the Bishop Arts Disrict began using the iconic Red Pegasus — the corporate logo that also for decades has come to represent Dallas itself — in 2015.

After receiving word that the world’s eighth-largest company wanted them to stop using the red pegasus, the store’s owners quickly decided to drop it.

The local shop-owners told the Dallas Morning News: “We were told, ‘Yeah, you might win your case, but the money involved would be overwhelming.’ ”

The shop won’t change its name, only its logo.

An Exxon Mobil spokesman told the newspaper that corporations have to protect their trademarks properly, “Otherwise, we’ll lose the right to use them.”