Hank Williams’ sister Irene lived in Oak Cliff


Irene Williams and Hank Williams, via hankwilliams.nl

Marty Stuart played the Kessler Theater Thursday night, and he told a story about visiting Hank Williams’ sister Irene when she lived in Oak Cliff.

Irene Williams Smith lived in a duplex in Oak Cliff, Stuart said. When he performed a show at Texas Stadium in the ’80s, she invited him over because she said she had something to show him.

Irene’s bio on this fan website describes her as a journalist and music historian who grew up around the music business because of her younger brother Hank. If you’re under 60, you might not know that Marty Stuart is a country musician who hosts a namesake show on RFD-TV. He was a child prodigy who’s been making a living playing country music and bluegrass since he was 12, and he’s also a country music historian.

When he arrived at Irene’s Oak Cliff duplex, she showed him Hank’s hand-written versions of “Cold, Cold Heart” and many other songs. He bought a cache of Hank Williams memorabilia from her, which he’s displayed at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Here is a video from Stuart’s Kessler show, in which he’s telling a story about what happened to Irene Williams Smith’s diamonds.

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  1. Harley J. Spoon October 1, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    Irene (Hank’s sister) was kind enough to obtain tickets for the Austin College (Sherman, Tx) senior political science majors to see JFK speak to the Chamber of Commerce at the Dallas Trade Mart. I was one of those students. We were on our way to the Trade Mart when KRLD indicated that there was a backfire or that shots had been heard on JFK’s motorcade’s way to the Trade Mart! We nor President Kennedy made it to the Trade Mart. Sadly, shots had actually been fired and JFK had been shot. We went to Irene’s home in Oak Cliff only to hear Walter Cronkite announce to the world that JFK was dead minutes after we got to her residence. One of the Austin College students in our group (but not a senior political science major) was the spitting image of Hank Williams.

  2. Bill Melton June 18, 2016 at 12:27 AM

    Irene Smith not only lived in Oak Cliff, but she was a staunch supporter of the community! She was an active Member of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce
    and was awarded a “Life Membership” in the Chamber during the 1960’s for
    soliciting New Chamber Members.

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