City Councilman Scott Griggs sent his plan to turn Tyler and Polk into two-way streets to committee last month, the first step in gaining approval from City Council.

But the City Plan Commission’s transportation committee, which took a first look at the plan, sent it back for more community input.

Since then, there have been two community meetings on the plan, and one more is planned — 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 12 at Elmwood United Methodist Church.

So far, neighbors who’ve attended the meetings are split. During a June 16 meeting at Kidd Springs Park, which drew at least 100 people, neighbors voted with green and red stickers on their favorite and least-favorite plans.

About half of neighbors favored Griggs’ preferred plan for the change, and about half favored no change at all. A secondary two-way plan received almost no support.

Find all of the plans and presentations here.

Griggs says all the Plan Commission’s transportation committee members have been invited to attend the community meetings, but to his knowledge, none have attended so far.

That committee is scheduled to hear the proposal again on July 21. If they vote in favor, it could go to the full City Plan Commission on Aug. 18 and to City Council on Sept. 14.