#FBF: Kiest Park memories and the Jaycees Fourth of July

Teenagers hang out in Kiest Park in the 1960s

Teenagers hang out in Kiest Park in the 1960s

Remember when the Jaycees put on a fireworks show at Kiest Park every Fourth of July?

They stopped sometime in the early ’80s, and Oak Cliff hasn’t had a sanctioned fireworks show since (although there is plenty of unsanctioned action).

This Advocate story from May 2010 remembers the old days of Kiest Park, which also was the main hangout for Oak Cliff teenagers beginning in the 1930s and is still one of Oak Cliff’s greatest assets.

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  1. Martha McSweeney July 1, 2016 at 9:09 AM

    I remember 1969, I think, when my folks and I went to the super slide on Westmoreland to watch the fireworks from Kiest Park. There were a couple of star bursts and then nothing. Ever. We left wondering what had happened. Found out that somehow the entire cache of fireworks had been accidently set off at once and were shooting off in all directions into the crowd. My not yet and now ex
    husband was there and said that people were diving into the ground trying to avoid being hit. Don’t remember if or how many people were injured.

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