Photo by Nancy Rankin Escovedo, via Facebook

Photo by Nancy Rankin Escovedo, via Facebook

Alejandro Escovedo lived in Austin for about 35 years, but before that, he spent some time in Oak Cliff.

In a 2012 interview with him, Escovedo told the Advocate that he visited our neighborhood when he was a kid. His uncle, Toby Rentería had a tailor shop here.

So all my cousins grew up there with the Vaughans … I was doing this show called “Mountain Stage.” And we were talking about this to the emcee [Oak Cliff native Larry Groce], and I started telling him about my family and that my uncle had a tailor shop in Oak Cliff. And he said, “Oh, your cousin is [golf pro Phil Rentería],” and he said, “Oh, we used to hang out together.”

Escovedo and his wife, Nancy Rankin Escovedo, recently relocated from Austin to Oak Cliff. He explains why in this first-person story from the Austin Chronicle.

His new album, “Burn Something Beautiful,” was released this week. The whole album is streaming on