Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well.

MTV’s “Catfish” filmed an episode at Lake Cliff Park recently, and the episode first aired Sept. 14.

For those unfamiliar: “Catfish” is a term coined by the movie of the same name. It’s where someone poses as another person online and lures suckers, usually baiting them with sexy pictures, for attention, money, love or sometimes all three. “Catfish” is a TV show based on the movie, where two guys help people investigate whether they’re being catfished, and the show usually culminates in a face-to-face confrontation.

In the Lake Cliff Park episode, “Louis and Sydney,” a sweet single dad with a cute dimple is duped by a sad girl calling herself Sydney online. I swear, it’s heartbreaking. There must be dozens of nice Oak Cliff girls who would like to go out with Louis. And then Sydney … Sydney, Sydney, Sydney (not her real name).

When Louis arrives in Dallas from his hometown in New York, Sydney texts to say she’s at Lake Cliff Park, “I’m at the baseball field over by the lake.”

“Well that sounds like a ‘Catfish’ meeting place if I’ve ever heard of one,” says host Nev Schulman.

A neighbor tipped us to this episode, filmed down the street from her house, and said, “I literally saw the neighborhood stray dog on TV!”

We watched the episode online here, but it required a cable user log-in. Here is a recap of the show with a clip.