Oct. 2013 file photo by Brandy Barham

The school district reported today that people dressed as creepy clowns supposedly were spotted on several campuses, including Carter High School in southwest Oak Cliff.

The Dallas Independent School District said it is investigating threatening clowns at Spruce, Skyline and Madison. Reports of threatening clowns have been popping up all over the country, and many of the reports are hoaxes or cases of people pulling lies on their bosses when they were late to work.

There is a real creepy clown in our neighborhood, but he just wants to sell you a costume.


It is the Halloween tradition for Catalina 5G thrift store on Hampton and Kingston. What looks like a homicidal clown greets commuter traffic on Hampton every October. The store has been open for about 15 years. The Contreras family, who owns it, closes the shop for the entire month of August to turn it over to a Halloween costume store.