A plain-clothes Dallas Police officer shot and killed a car-jacking suspect near the Dells District Wednesday morning.

The officer was investigating a carjacking case from Tuesday night, and he saw the car he was looking for in the 3500 block of Virginia Boulevard. The Dallas Police Department says the driver got out of the car and approached the officer with a handgun. The officer fired, and 24-year-old Anthony Garcia died on the scene. No one else was injured.

This is the third police shooting of a civilian in Oak Cliff since August and the second in the past week.

An officer making a traffic stop chased an armed suspect, 36-year-old Elias Portillo, and shot him to death near Davis/Fort Worth Avenue on Aug. 24.

And this past Friday, a plain-clothes police officer observed a shooting near Beckely Saner Park. DPD says Senior Cpl. Robert McMillan Jr. identified himself as police and engaged in gunfire, killing 24-year-old George Zapata.