A North Wynnewood neighbor turned otherwise terrifying surveillance video of a home-invasion burglary into an amusing internet clip.

The video shows a man sneaking about the backyard and turning a camera away. The footage, captured Wednesday, is enhanced by an added recorder-flute soundtrack.

Watch and listen to the 3-minute video above for the exciting conclusion, featuring Dallas’ finest.

Nate Gasser’s video made the front page of Reddit Thursday. Gasser also posted it to Facebook with this explanation:

On 12/7 from 11:35 am to 12:04 pm my house was ransacked by a “robber”. Im dealing with a thrashed house, alarm system and door replacement instead of attending my grandfather’s funeral. Thanks to the 911 operator who heard me melt down, the Dallas Police Department for being professional badasses and my wife who helped calm my nerves with copious amounts of Bulleit Bourbon. First post on FB in 3 years but what the hell, I enjoyed the video and wanted to share it.