Oak Cliff real estate prices hit an all-time high in 2016. After taking a dip in 2008 following the housing-market crash, prices climbed quickly to new heights. North Oak Cliff is no longer a place to find an inexpensive-yet-glamorous house that your Dallas-y friends won’t visit. It’s not the alternative to Lakewood or University Park. It’s become the chic first choice for the young and rich. Here is a look at home prices in the Oak Cliff zip codes 75208 and 75224. Real estate agent Jenni Stolarski of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International pulled these statistics for us from the Multiple Listing Service.

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Oak Cliff median home prices in 75208 and 75224

43,465 total housing units in Oak Cliff 75208 and 75224

$1.63M Most expensive home

In 2008, the most expensive house in Oak Cliff cost $813,000. None of the five most expensive homes in 75208 for 2016 cost less than $1 million. $1.63M, $1.4M, $1.35M, $1.23M, $1.23M The most expensive home sold in zip code 75224, which includes North Wynnewood, cost $298,000 in 2008. This past year, that area passed the $500,000 mark. $578,500, $455, 000, $445,000, $420,000, $395,000

the median home price increased 57 per cent since 2008

Most expensive homes post-recession 75208: 2008=$813,000; 2015=$1.4 million; 2016=$1.63 million