Photo courtesy of Scott Griggs

The first teardown to come under review because of Dallas’ new demolition delay ordinance will be moved, not bulldozed.

Developer Alamo Manhattan wanted to demolish the cottage, which was built in 1907, to make way for a temporary construction trailer and eventually, a planned second phase of its Bishop Arts development.

The house was the first to receive a review under the city’s new preservation rules that require a hearing before certain old properties can be demolished.

After a couple of hearings, Alamo Manhattan offered up the house for free to anyone who could move it by Jan. 15.

West Dallas-based Rogers Jr. Housemoving is moving the house to a property it owns at 4013 Peoria.

Rogers had been tapped to move the house for someone else, but that deal fell through in part due to the tight time limit. Alamo Manhattan needed the house moved by Jan. 15, and they reserved the right to demolish it if it was still on their property after that date regardless of what money had been put toward a move.

House mover Tony Rogers decided to take it anyway. He’s moving it to an existing foundation and will work to get it permitted for use as a rental property.

In other housemoving news this week, preservationists are working to raise money to move an 1890s farmhouse from West Dallas to Oak Cliff.