Golden Chick worker fired, accused of refusing to serve cop

A Dallas Police officer accused an employee of Golden Chick on Kiest at U.S. Highway 67 of refusing to serve him.

The restaurant offers a 50-percent discount to police officers on duty, but the officer said a female employee denied him service because he was a cop.

The restaurant’s director, Ike Ugokwe, fired her.

He told KTVT:

The lady who made the comment said that she was making a sarcastic remark to the officer. Because it was unexpected the was officer was thinking ‘did something change here that I don’t know.’

The cop posted about his experience on social media, and people began demanding a boycott of the store.

Ugokwe, who oversees 36 Golden Chick stores, says the company donates to local schools and gives boxed lunches to the homeless. He commented that he worries a flip comment from one worker could hurt the store’s reputation quickly.

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