That is the question former City Council member Angela Hunt asks in her monthly column over at the Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate.

City Council will consider in meetings today whether to hold a bond election in May or to move the election to November.

The city could ask voters in May to approve taking out $476 million in low-interest debt, funded by municipal bonds, which mostly would pay for street improvements.

But Mayor Mike Rawlings and some City Council members want to move the bond election to November.

Rawlings says the donors who normally would shell out to campaign in favor of the bond are not interested in paying to promote this one right now.

Hunt, in her column, says she finds that suspicious.

But this upcoming bond program isn’t a tough sell, not at all. Like Council member Philip Kingston said, this bond sells itself: Do you want your streets fixed? We don’t need a crafty jingle or snazzy logo to convince Dallasites to vote to fix the damned potholes.

If you do need a snazzy jingle, Hunt has written one. Find it here.