Belmontini. Photo by Lori Bandi

The February Advocate is being delivered this week, and the cover story breaks down Oak Cliff by the numbers.

One group of numbers we looked up but didn’t have room for in the magazine: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission data.

The TABC keeps stats on alcohol receipts, and we’ve compiled the 10-booziest bars and restaurants in our neighborhood, based on October 2016 sales (thus, B.Y.O.B. spots wouldn’t make this list, and places where cocktails set you back more than $10 a piece will rank higher than a dive bar with $2 beers).

  1. The Foundry: $111,095
  2. Gloria’s: $94,333
  3. Smoke and Bar Belmont: $92,213
  4. PHD: $74,499
  5. Boulevardier: $69,504
  6. Nova: $65,522
  7. El Ranchito: $61,919
  8. Eno’s: $59.658
  9. Kessler Theater: $58,815
  10. Bolsa: $57,207