Handy dandy interactive map of Dallas City Council Elections districts, candidates and early voting locations

The Dallas City Council election is May 6, and early voting began yesterday. But most Dallas residents don’t care. Less than 10 percent of registered voters — more like 6.14 percent — typically turn out to vote in our local elections. The bright side: well, just think of how much your vote counts.

Maybe it’s apathy; maybe it’s a feeling that the status quo (or some seemingly inconsequential change, whatever) is a-ok. Or perhaps some are simply confused: What district do I live in? Who is running? Where and what time can I go vote? Oh, forget it … (I do realize that if you actually are reading this, you might be well aware of the answers, but I guarantee you have neighbors who do not.)

Here’s Holt Mitchell, who actually gives a darn

Lake Highlands resident Holt Mitchell is one of the people who cares about city politics, and deeply. Did I mention that those who care usually care quite passionately?

Even though his district 10 has no election drama this time around (incumbent Adam McGough is running unopposed), he was annoyed: “I couldn’t find a site with information on City Council Districts, who the candidates are, and early voting locations with voting hours together in one place. So I ended up building a map with all of the information in one space.”

Here it is:

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