Image via CVS

City Councilman Scott Griggs reports today that plans for a CVS store in the Bishop Arts District are “nearly complete.”

Alabama-based Orange Development LLC plans to tear down the former Corazon de Tejas restaurant on West Davis at Beckley sometime within in the next eight weeks to build a suburban-style CVS store.

Griggs says he met with the company’s principal, Jason Price, last week. Price told Griggs that the building has to be razed for their plans to work.

I expressed my opposition to the razing of the building. I also expressed my opposition to the new CVS plans, which are very suburban and nearly complete.

But price has agreed to work with a task force of preservationists, real estate developers and Oak Cliff residents to work out the following points, taken verbatim from Griggs’ post on the matter:

1. Bring CVS to the table.

2. Confirm that the building must be razed. Mr. Price insists this is true.

3. If the building must be destroyed, work on a new design that addresses issues of form and architecture. Mr. Price insists the proposed location of the building cannot be moved.